Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Sprung From Cages on Highway 9"

Sometimes the lyrics of Bruce Springsteen say it all. I've been sprung! (Englewood Hospital is on Highway 4, not Highway 9, but close enough.) I was released on Thursday afternoon, and I'm still a little shell shocked at the reintroduction to my previous world. I owe Jim many thanks for taking time in the middle of the day to move me out of the blue room (it took 5 loads), bring me home and help me settle into the home I left in such a hurry in the middle of the night on October 19th.

Walking out of the hospital, I really felt that I was being released from prison. I spent 46 days - 6 1/2 weeks - being assaulted with toxic poisons that, ironically, saved my life. I underestimated the impact this had on me until the moment I walked back into the world. It was a warm 65 degree December day, with a breeze and fast moving clouds. It was a perfect day. I ditched the mask, took a deep breath and burst into tears. I have never been so happy and grateful. I will never forget the power of that moment.

I'm in awe of the effort that it takes for the body to re-learn basic movements - standing, walking, climbing stairs. I'm still very weak, I need to put on some weight, my stomach has not recovered from all the chemo and antibiotics, and my head feels like it might fall off if I move too quickly, but I'm hobbling around pretty well, albeit slowly.

Sadie has been recovering from her own little female procedure in Hershey, PA, where Mary's friend Karen has been fostering her for the past week. I will get her back on Wednesday, and I can't wait! I can't thank Karen enough for being a 24 hour nurse to my cat, sending me pictures and updates everyday.

I will see Dr. Forte on Wednesday for a follow up appointment. Based on my blood work that day, we'll make a plan for the next step: Consolidation treatment. I'm hoping to get a break till after Christmas, but we'll see. I hate the thought of the upcoming assaults that will bring weakness and possibly other complications, but I also want this to be over with as soon as possible. Right now, I'm just focusing on getting stronger and enjoying every moment of freedom.

Today I had two gifts: my first cup of fresh brewed coffee in 7 weeks, and slushy snow. I know, slushy snow is usually annoying. But to be able to watch nature in action, after staring out of my hospital window at a red brick building for so long, was mesmerizing. I watched the snow all afternoon.

Please know that all your prayers were heard and answered. I've never felt more blessed.




  1. Yeah! Love to you as you embrace life on the outside! nan

  2. So happy to hear you broke free and that your kitty is on her way home too! Give a call when you are up to a chat. Love you!


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