Sunday, September 6, 2009

Resources: Livestrong - Blog and Facebook

I only recently discovered all that the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Livestrong, has to offer. They are a wealth of information, with international programs that are making a huge dent in the fight against cancer. They offer resources on survivorship, community programs, grants and research and many other ways to plug in and get involved. It's a place to go for answers.

From the main page of the website you can find the Livestrong blog, subscribe, and receive e-mail updates to all posts. From the blog you can also join Livestrong's Facebook page, where you can become a fan without having to send a Friend Request. This is where you can post any question or share experiences. I have asked questions and within a few hours, received very helpful information. It's as if there's a magic genie monitoring the Facebook page waiting for people to ask for help. Here's an example:

As someone who is constantly searching for answers, this is a gold mine! I am truly grateful for this forum and the magic genies who maintain it.




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